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Prof. Dr. Annalisa Manera
ETH Zürich

Nuclear energy: a contribution to sustainable energy supply

Donnerstag 13. Oktober 2022, um 19:30 Uhr
ETH Hauptgebäude Hörsaal HG G3, Rämistrasse 101 und Live Stream über Zoom

Das Kernkraftwerk Olkiluoto mit EPR (links) und BWR-2500 (Mitte und rechts) (wikemeadia.com/mynewsweek.com)

This presentation will address questions around nuclear energy, with a particular focus on the role it can play for a sustainable, carbon-free and secure future energy supply.

In this, I will address what technologies are currently on the market and what developments are foreseeable to come to market in the next decade or so. Finally, the disposal of the nuclear waste in these different scenarios will also be discussed.

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