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Physikalische Gesellschaft Zürich
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Careers for Physicists

Mittwoch 20. November 2013, um 16:00 Uhr
ETH Zentrum, ML F39


What options does a physicist have for his professional life? The field is wide! Four experienced physicists will present their career and possible opportunities in their field. After these presentations you can personally discuss your questions with these persons during an apero.


Moritz LecherCo-Founder and Co-CEO of SENSIRION AG
Christoph HarderFounder and CEO of Harder & Partner
Henrik NordborgProfessor at the University of Applied Science Rapperswil
Urs GamperSpecialist Magnetic Resonance Systems Philips Healthcare


The event is jointly organized by
  • Swiss Physics Society, www.sps.ch
  • Physikalische Gesellschaft Zrich, www.pgz.ch
  • Fachverein Mathematik und Physik, vmp.ethz.ch
  • Fachverein Physik, www.fpu.unizh.ch
  • Fachverein Physik, Mathematik und Versicherungswissenschaften, fg14.unias.ch
  • Young Physicists Forum,

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