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- Latychevskaia
- Quanz
PD Dr. Tatiana Latychevskaia

Ptychography - scanning coherent diffraction imaging technique, principles and applications

Donnerstag 10. März 2022, um 19:30 Uhr
ETH Hauptgebäude Hörsaal HG G3, Rämistrasse 101 und Live Stream über Zoom

Principle of ptychography (Bild Tatiana Latychevskaia)

Ptychography is a modern diffraction imaging technique where diffraction patterns are acquired while scanning the sample. The structure of the sample is then recovered from the diffraction data by applying iterative phase retrieval algorithms, thus making ptychography a computational imaging method.

Ptychography can be realized with various waves including light, electrons, X-rays, terahertz and other waves. Due to absence of optical elements and aberrations, ptychography delivers unprecedented high resolution of reconstructed sample structure. Electron ptychography applied for imaging two-dimensional materials currently holds the world-wide resolution record of 0.4 Å [1]. In this talk, I will present the principles of ptychography and overview its applications.

[1] Y. Jiang et al., "Electron ptychography of 2D materials to deep sub-ångström resolution," Nature 559, 343–349 (2018)

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